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“There are ups and downs in life and we are always ready for every condition.”

Miele Woman

Since 1998, in the field of children’s wear Osman Bey was an ANCESTOR (Father) company in the textile industry that started production and manufacturing and exported to many countries of the world (Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, etc.).

Since 2013, we have started to produce brand new, trendy jeans under the brand name MIELE WOMAN revising it in the field of Women’s Clothing by taking over the company as 4 siblings.

Today, we continue to grow as a well-known denim jeans brand that has procured its place in many domestic and foreign markets by exporting to many countries of the world.

Our team consists of people (siblings) who have degrees from various departments of Universities that specialize in their fields and who have Vision and Mission. For this reason, we have become a brand that keeps up with the fashion trends of the day and brings it together with its own unique designs and is recognized by its competitors in the field of women’s jeans.

This has always pushed our team to create new designs and models, to be innovative and to work harder.

Thanks to our ever-increasing production capacity, our transaction volume continues full speed in many new and different markets.

We owe this increase in production to our own personal involvement, from the beginning of the production phase to the delivery of the order. Of course, we also attach great importance to customer satisfaction by closely following up on the after-sales because the products we sell are guaranteed.

The world is changing rapidly in many areas, and we are the 4K Şeyba family who are working with devotion to become a TURKISH BRAND in women’s denim wear and to be among the pioneers of the industry in the world by adding both raw materials (fabric) and new sewing techniques to our knowledge and experience from the past on top of this change and transformation.


Original Design


Production with the Latest Technology


Quality Raw Material


Expert Team

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